Special Reports

Special Report 07 - FEOGA Borrowing

The examination focused on how efficiently the Department engaged in borrowing activities, how well the associated risks were managed and the lessons which can be learned for the future.

Special Report 06 - Regional Development Measures

The scale of expenditure on regional measures, jointly funded by the State, the European Union (EU) and the private sector, has been enormous by Irish standards. For that reason the examination sought to establish the extent to which the effectiveness of the measures under the Community Support Framework (CSF) 1989-1993 was evaluated so that the findings could be applied to the management of current and future programmes in the area of regional development.

Special Report 05 - Management of Telephone Facilities in the Civil Service

The examination focused on establishing whether the Government Telecommunications Network was cost-effective, the potential for economy gains was being realised and if there was proper monitoring of telephone costs.

Special Report 04 - Gas Interconnector Project

This review focused on the procedures employed in the planning and execution of the project with particular reference to the role of the Department of Transport, Energy and Communications (the Department) in ensuring that mechanisms were in place to provide for its cost effective completion.

Special Report 03 - Garda Transport

This study examines the management and performance of the Garda vehicle fleet.

Special Report 02 - Energy Management in the Health Service

This examination set out to review the management of energy by health boards and voluntary hospitals.

Special Report 01 - The LEADER Programme

The specific objectives of this value for money review were to examine the efficiency of the administration of the LEADER programme and to examine how the effectiveness of the LEADER programme is evaluated.