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Mark Scully


I joined the office three and a half years ago through an open competition advertised on public jobs.


Education and professional development

During my time in the office, I completed my accounting professional exams, and, I also enrolled in a master’s course focusing on social policy with the institute of public administration. 


The office has supported me on both courses, paying the enrolment fees and providing excellent study leave which allowed me to focus on my studies. 

This was in addition, to the help I got from colleagues, who had completed their accountancy exams and the master’s programme.


My role

When I join the office I worked in the financial audit directorate, working on a portfolio of semi-state accounts and government departments.

This provided a great insight to how the office carries out its function and how government funding affects different areas of society.

For the last two years I have been working in the reporting directorate which produces reports on specific issues.

I have found this to be extremely interesting and has helped me build other skills in communication and leadership.


The organisation

Since joining the office I have found the work life balance great.

I have found the opportunities for career development in the office to be excellent and I gained a promotion after two years in the office.

The office has given me the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. 

In addition to the supports provided by the office, my colleagues are always there to help.