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Reece Carvin

Trainee Auditor

I joined OCAG as a Trainee Auditor in 2020. My background was in Philosophy so coming to the Office was a huge change for me with all the challenges of entering a new field. Fortunately, thanks to the patience and guidance of my colleagues, this transition has been a smooth and rewarding one.

The Office is incredibly supportive of the development of its staff; providing excellent training internally and access to general Civil Service training opportunities, with clear training plans to help Trainees settle into the role. I have found everyone in the Office to be happy to help and provide guidance, and there is a strong culture of asking questions and mentoring that permeates the office.

The Office provides an incredible foundation in which to pursue a Professional Accountancy Qualification. Flexible working hours allow me to ensure I have time for preparation for classes, and the Office provides plenty of study leave, so that I am able to focus on my exams when needed. The Office also provides full financial support towards studies, allowing me to undertake the tuition options best suited to me.

The training and resources provided by the Office have been a huge help in my studies towards my Professional Qualification. It was thanks to this support that I achieved First Place Globally in the ACCA Performance Management exam, and First in Ireland in the ACCA Audit & Assurance Exam.

The work in the office provides exposure to a range of public entities. As you get the chance to work on many audits, there is always something new to learn. The entities we audit provide key services to the public, and carrying out work involved in the oversight of this is incredibly rewarding.