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Tracey Wosser

HR & L&D Manager

I started in the Office of Comptroller and Auditor General as a trainee auditor in 2013. I was promoted to auditor the following year. I spent the majority of my early years in the Office auditing large government departments. This allowed me to gain a lot of experience and understanding of principles of government accounting. Auditing large government departments gave me a real insight into how the wider civil service operates.


In 2019 I was promoted to Audit Manager. I moved from financial audit to reporting. I soon learned a very different skill set would be required in my new role. This was acknowledged by the Office and I was supported through our mentoring programme. Being assigned a mentor during my first year in reporting helped me gain confidence in the new role and also provided a reassuring ear to bend whenever I needed help. The Office also provided the opportunity for me to further my education and enhance the necessary skills required for the reporting directorate by supporting me in under taking a Masters in Economic Science in Policy analysis.  I really enjoyed my time in Reporting and there was nothing more rewarding than seeing one of the reports you worked on being picked up by the media. It really makes you feel your work is having an impact in wider society.


My current role is Human Resources and Learning and Development manager. This shows just how diverse and dynamic the Office can be. When I started I remember thinking my job will just be audit and that’s it. How wrong I was. I have gained such a wide variety of experience and knowledge in so many different areas. That’s one thing I really enjoy about working in the Office every week can be different.


One of the things I value most about working in the Office is the support that is provided in so many different ways. The Office understands the importance of work life balance and what this means to staff. When I started in the Office 8 years ago I had no kids and no other real responsibilities. I now have two young children. The Office appreciates the additional responsibility this comes with! They have flexible working hours and a wide range of family friendly policies that just make life so much easier. I now work a four day week and a lot of the time I work remotely from home. You really feel the Office cares about you as an individual and your family. The Office also has a number of working groups aimed at supporting staff. I’m currently a member of the Human Rights and Equality working group, the staff development forum and Brod which is our LGBT+ employee and ally group.


I’ve grown so much in the last 8 years working in the Office and I genuinely look forward to what other opportunities and experience are in store in the future.