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Vedran Marinic


I recently joined the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General as an experienced auditor coming from a private practice environment.

My past experience involved auditing charities, private companies and smaller semi-state bodies, so the main attraction of the Office was the opportunity to work on many complex audits of large public organisations, that are fundamental in providing essential public services. 


In the Office, you are given exposure to government accounting, systems and procedures that are not accessible in a private practice setting so there are many opportunities to expand your knowledge on a daily basis. 

The colleagues I work with come from a variety of backgrounds and it is an absolute pleasure to work in such a diverse environment.


The purpose of my work here in the office is to provide assurance to the public that government money and resources are utilised accurately and to recommend improvements that may aid in the management of public finances and also to strengthen government accountability.

This is something that makes me proud to work in the office as I feel my job is ultimately making a difference.