Opportunities for Further Development

There is a range of development opportunities for professional qualified staff to further develop their skills.

Further education support

The Office contributes to the costs for staff pursuing approved business related courses. Courses must be provided by a university or another recognised educational institution and must lead to a recognised qualification. An example of a course is the certified information systems auditor.

Masters programme in policy analysis

As part of a programme to build capacity for examination and reporting work, the Office sponsors staff to undertake postgraduate studies in policy analysis. The courses are run by universities or other recognised educational institutions. Fees are paid in full and leave with pay is provided for lectures, studies and examinations.

Leadership Programme

The programme provides managers with the opportunity to develop leadership capability and skills through the understanding of contemporary theories and practices in leadership and effective management. It provides participants with access to workshops and related activities, 360 degree feedback, action plans and one-to-one tutor meetings.

Other working environment opportunities

The Office supports opportunities for staff to gain learning and experience in other workplaces through secondments to other organisations. Some opportunities include working in

  • other national audit offices
  • undertaking audit work with international organisations (e.g. European Space Agency).

The Office also nominates representatives for audit boards of European agencies, such as Eurocontrol, and for international working groups on specific auditing issues.

In addition, individual staff may apply for unpaid leave (career breaks) to work in other sectors or undertake full time studies. Secondments and career breaks are covered by civil service regulations and subject to the Office’s procedures for avoiding conflicts of interest.