Other Annual Audits

Independent auditor’s report

We audit the accounts of over 200 public bodies annually and issue the independent audit report on the accounts to the body. These audit reports set out our opinion on the accounts, including whether they give a true and fair view, and that income and expenditure is lawful.  

The body arranges for the audited accounts to be presented to the Oireachtas (parliament).

Other audit outputs

In addition to the published independent audit reports, we also issue to bodies a confidential ‘report to those charged with governance’ as provided for in international auditing standards covering control and other deficiencies that do not warrant public reporting. These reports formally document the occurrence of the issue and management’s proposed response to deal with the concerns.  Following completion of an audit, this communication (usually referred to as the management letter), forms the basis of our engagement between with the executive management, boards and audit committees to assist organisations in improving their systems and controls.