We recruit trainee and qualified accountants to undertake the financial audit of public bodies and to conduct value for money examinations. The range of bodies audited and value for money issues examined is wide and complex. We report publicly on our work which is the focus of hearings of the Public Accounts Committee of Dáil Éireann.

We audit almost 300 central government and State bodies to ensure that public funds are properly accounted for. These core government activities cover a broad range of areas and impact on citizens lives such as tax collection, social supports and programmes, education expenditure, health services, regulators and financing bodies. Audits are conducted in accordance with professional standards.

A key focus of our value for money examinations is to identify improvements that can be made to public service delivery. This is done through analysis and evaluation of how public funds are utilised. The examinations can look at specific programmes or activities, and may often involving cross-cutting themes. The areas covered include infrastructure expenditure, procurement of services, public private partnerships, overseas development aid and disposal of public assets.


Who we are looking for:

We undertake annual recruitment campaigns to look for people who wish to join a professional, dedicated and highly skilled workforce to serve the public through our work and supporting the public accountability process.


    Any queries in relation to recruitment to the Office can be sent to the Human Resources Unit at