Audit Insights

The purpose of audit insights is to identify and share learning opportunities for bodies by providing information on common recurring issues and good practice examples, identified through our financial audit and reporting work.

Audit insights are split between

  • published reports containing useful recommendations or examples of good practice which may be applied across the public service
  • information on events (and the associated presentations) which support good practice or share insights into areas of common challenge.


These reports identify common issues together with recommendations for improvement. They cover topics such as financial management and governance.

Financial Management

Financial management is the system by which the resources of an organisation are planned, directed, monitored and controlled to enable its business goals to be achieved.

Effective financial management is important for all State bodies in order to achieve value for money, to support sound decision making, to facilitate accountability, to improve planning, to manage risks, and to devise and achieve strategies.


Governance is concerned with developing the appropriate structures and processes for directing and managing an organisation so that stakeholders can be assured that it is operating effectively and efficiently. Governance arrangements help to ensure good management, good performance, good stakeholder engagement and good outcomes.


The Office supports events for those involved in public administration which share insights on good practice from across the public sector. The events cover topics such as good financial management practices and governance.

Details of future events are set out on the forthcoming events page. A selection of presentations from past events can be found on the updates and presentations page.