Other Outputs and Engagement

We use a range of methods to communicate our audit work and practices, to engage our stakeholders and ensure our work is accessible and valuable to the people who use and provide public services.

PAC We support and give evidence at each public meetings of the Public Accounts Committee.

Our Work - CAG_ As Comptroller of the Exchequer the C&AG authorises the release of funds from the Exchequer on requisition by either the Minister for Finance or the National Treasury Management Agency. Funds requisitioned must be for purposes permitted by law and can only be drawn down to the extent authorised by Dáil Éireann.

Our Work - PublicWe respond to queries from the general public and Our Work - Media the media.

Our Work - Engage We engage with other public bodies and Our Work - Audit Profession the auditing profession on areas of audit and financial reporting.

Our Work - National As the national public auditor, we maintain relationships and engage with various international bodies and colleagues in other jurisdictions.